The Academia

Rewarding you as you grow and learn what's better for your fur kids.

Earn as you spend

With every dollar spent, earn grade points toward The Academia. Use grade points to redeem discounts off your next purchases! It's as simple as that!

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How it works

Advance the tiers for greater rewards

Unlock greater multipliers every dollar spent as you advance the tiers in the Academia.

How to earn grade points

Simply shop with us and earn 1 grade point for every dollar spent! Psst! Muttsters degree holders and above enjoy greater multipliers on purchases.

Earn bonus grade points by completing assignments:

How to redeem vouchers

Go to your Report Card (left-bottom corner of your window) and tap on "Get rewards" tab. Exchange grade points for voucher codes.

Voucher codes can applied at check out. (Yes, they can be applied on top of discount codes!)

Greater discounts

Accumulate more grade points to get a larger discount at a better rate!

How to sign up

Create an account with us and click on the Report Card icon at the bottom-left of your window to login! Your account will automatically sync up after you have verified your email address.

Log in or create an account now!


Is it free to sign up as an Academia member?

Yes, absolutely free!

Is there an expiration date to the grade points earn?

Enrolment to The Academia is for life, so are the grade points you have earned! There's no expiration to knowledge, so there's no expiration to your grade points and degree held as well.

I have made past purchases, would I be rewarded for them too?

For sure! We will be gradually awarding the relevant grade points to The Academia members once you have enroll with us.

Please allow us some time to go through the manual adjustment process. If you have yet to receive your grade points for previous purchases after a few days, feel free to drop us a message on our live chat or via Instagram direct messages!

I have completed the bonus assignments but have not received my grade points. What do I do?

Oh dear, fret not! Drop us a message on our live chat or via Instagram direct message and we will rectify that as soon as we can!