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Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover Better Bones - Dried Bone For Homemade Diets

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Many dogs struggle to eat whole bones. Better Bones is a safer alternative that’s suitable for senior dogs, puppies and cooked diets. There’s no need to worry about choking or splintering and no need to add unnatural calcium to cooked foods. It’s bones made better! 

Made from 100% natural beef bones from Australian cattle, Better Bones comes out on top because it’s air dried without acids, chemicals and bleaches unlike commonly high-heat treated bone meals.

This gentle drying method enables the naturally occurring proteins, minerals and growth factors found in bone, to stay in tact … making Better Bones a highly bioavailable source of calcium.  

The Better Bone rundown:

  • From BSE free, grass fed, free range Australian cattle
  • Tested for glyphosate, pesticides, lead and other metals
  • Naturally balanced minerals
  • Contains naturally occurring vitamin D for better mineral balance
  • Is great for small dogs, seniors and dogs with broken teeth
  • Made in the US

    Comes in 240g bottles.


    Better Bones is Dried beef bone, in powdered form, from BSE free, grass-fed and pastured Australian cattle.

    Suggested Use

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    Other FAQs

    Where Do You Get Your Bones From?
    Better Bones is a powder form of Australian pastured beef. All cattle are tested free of BSE.

    What’s the difference between Better Bones and Bone Meal?
    Bone meal often goes through a high heat process that can damage the important minerals in bones. And, the bones in bone meal are often sourced from euthanized or sick animals.

    Better Bones is gently air dried in low temperatures to maintain the healthy contents of the real bone like collagen, amino acids, minerals and essential growth factors.

    And, you can feel good knowing we source our bones from healthy, grass fed cattle in Australia!

    Can’t I just give my dog Egg Shells for calcium?
    Better Bones and egg shells are both a good source of calcium. But egg shells miss out on other important minerals which can put dogs at risk for phosphorus deficiency. (With the lack of phosphorus, it also means that egg shells are not a good idea for puppies and pregnant dogs.)

    Better Bones does a good job with a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1, just like real bones have.

    Plus, our bone powder is rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, as well as bone growth factors, collagen and amino acids.

    Finally, Better Bones has the right ratio of minerals and is safe for all life stages and foods.

    Is Better Bones better than Seaweed Or Coral Calcium?
    It’s the same issue as egg shells. Seaweed and coral calcium simply don’t contain enough phosphorus.

    Because of the lack of phosphorus, you’ll run into issues:

    Feeding your dog more than 10% fat?
    The lack of phosphorus in seaweed and coral calcium doesn’t meet AAFCO minimum nutritional requirements.

    Puppies & Pregnant Dogs

    Unlike Better Bones, seaweed and coral calcium can't balance meals for puppies and pregnant/nursing dogs. There’s simply not enough phosphorus.

    A Natural Balance …

    Better Bones is natural powdered bone. It blends a perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus, along with the essentials like magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, bone growth factors, collagen and amino acids. This makes is a better candidate for dogs in all growth stages.

    Is Better Bones Safety Tested?
    Every single batch of Better Bones is tested to be low in lead and heavy metals.

    The truth is, glyphosate can be stored in bones of animals, which is another reason we only use natural, grass fed cattle from Australia.

    Every batch is tested for pesticides like glyphosate and we ensure the glyphosate content falls below the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) Benchmark of 160 ppb.

    This falls significantly lower than the EPA (Environmental Working Group) limit which is 5,000 ppb.

    We know that glyphosate is cancer-causing and can be the culprit behind gut damage. Better Bones is proud to be a well tested and clean source of bone for your dog.

    Can I Just Give My Dog Real Bones Instead Of Better Bones?
    The answer is Yes!

    Better Bones is just the dried, powdered version of the real thing (bone).

    It’s designed for small dogs, senior dogs, puppies and dogs with broken teeth, or have trouble chewing bone.

    But all dogs can benefit from Better Bones.

    When it comes to clean teeth, Better Bones is fully tested to be low in glyphosate, pesticides and heavy metals.

    Do you know how safe, natural and clean are your dog’s chewing bones are?

    Better Bones is less risky.

    Can I Give Better Bones To My Puppy?
    Better Bones is suitable for all life stages.

    It contains all the natural minerals, growth factors, amino acids and vitamin D found in real bone.

    These are all the essentials to look for in a good bone product for your dog.

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